Thursday, January 29, 2015

Don't Die Before You're Dead

When I feel like giving up, this is my mantra. Don't die before you're dead. It reminds me to never give up. To keep trying until I cannot try anymore. After I finished my doctoral work, I thought that I would have more leisure time, like to read, things that I want to read. Well, it has not happened, so in order to not give up, I realize that I need a simple plan to "force" myself to read because I deserve it.

How to Read More OR don't die before you're dead

  • Stop playing Trivia Crack, Candy Crush, Farm Heroes Saga, Bejeweled. . .phones (and iPads)are for READING - this is now my wallpaper on my phone

    • Always have two or three books waiting in the wings (or in my case, in my Oyster books reading list)

    • Carry a book with me at all times
    • Go to bed an hour before and read instead of watch TV
    • Have a magazine, professional article, other kind of reading in "5 minute places"- the bathroom, the kitchen, my car, the iPad
    • Stop reading what I don't want to read
    • Log what I read (aka get back on Goodreads) and share what I like
    Read and share.

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