Monday, February 1, 2010

Review Policy

Updated February 22, 2018

Dear Authors/Publishers/Publicists:

I am happy to receive ARCs of books. As a former middle school reading specialist, a former 6-12 English teacher and now a University faculty teaching middle/secondary teacher preparation, I am always on the lookout for YA books that will appeal to middle school readers, especially reluctant readers. I think teacher candidates need to be aware of what is currently out there and bring a variety of books and voices into their classrooms. I also blog for Net Galley and get my ARCs there since I have a full teaching and research load, however, I am happy to look over emails from publishers trying to get their books into the hands of readers.

If I do ask for an ARC, I  will give each ARC/book my full attention, and evaluate them as fairly as possible. Once a review is published, you have my permission to use anything I have said in promotional material, as long as quotes are attributed to me.

Electronic materials are preferred (which is a 360° degree shift for me, but it is because I have been teaching English for over 25 years).

Please email me at if you are interested and be specific about the time frame that you will need something reviewed. I also will put the review on Goodreads. My policy is to not post a review earlier than 2 weeks before publication date. If your policy is different, please let me know. 

My Rating System

I do not rate books. I only review what I at least liked. I am trying to read for a variety of reader types so if I personally did not care for it, but I publish it, I will be specific about the kind of reader that the book may appeal to.

Please know the rating is a personal opinion. I try to be a fair critic and I will try to back up my reviews with valid reasoning. If you as the author or publisher have something to add or if you feel like I've missed the mark, I welcome your comments on this blog post.  I base my opinions on the value of the book for the clients I am reading for. I am constantly on the lookout for books for those students who either choose not to read anymore or who don't have the skills needed to read independently. Middle school tends to be the time when we lose readers, so this time is crucial for ensuring that we support and find great reading materials to create lifelong readers.

I think that covers everything. I will add more information as issues come up.

Thank you,


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