Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hapless Child by Edward Gorey

My plan was to blog about some "Halloween" type of graphic novels before Halloween, but I've been trying to post this one up for a week and I think it's the book that's haunted. This is the first time I could even post the cover art.

This little Edward Gorey masterpiece of fine line drawing is indeed haunting. There is nothing light and whimsical about the pictures or the story, so although this looks like a children's book, it's not.

Orphaned, hazed by schoolmates and enslaved by a drunken brute, little Charlotte Sophia never finds her happy ending.

It's Gorey stuff, yes, but what is so fascinating is the detailed penwork in the pictures. The illustrations are reproduced in the book in the same size as Gorey's original drawings and a study of the details reveils other horrors that foretell the tragedy of Charlotte Sophia's life.

Hardcover 64 pages/Pomegranate Communications (March 2008)

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