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Tween Tuesday: Knights of the Lunch Table

This is a new series, but I have a bunch of book reviews by my former 6th graders that need a place to be useful to others so I am giving them Tuesday on this blog. Hope you enjoy. I gave them a format (because I am a teacher after all) but the editing is very light on my part. Enjoy their books in their words. 

Author: Frank Cammuso
Publisher: GRAPHIX
Pages: 144
Publication Date: 2008
Genre: Graphic novel
Rating: 4
Synopsis: from Amazon.com
“Artie King’s first day at his new middle school is terrible: his nasty older sister ensures he misses the bus; a couple of geeky kids are friendly, but the school bullies smell a new victim; and the principal is a horror who hands out detentions and dire warnings as she peers out from behind her horn-rimmed glasses. Artie has muddied the waters a bit himself by boasting that he’s a dodgeball pro—when he’s really not.”
This book was the kind of book that made me want to keep reading. It had a mysterious and funny side to it. It showed how Artie really wanted to fit in. But this kid, Artie took it too far. He told a lie that gets him in big trouble. I find this funny because he goes through a lot to make things right again.
Artie is not exactly athletic material. At his new school he is faced with dodgeball problems while dodgeball is taken very seriously. Even the principal thinks so, so then she makes dodgeball everyone’s first priority. I think that the principal is the cause of why the school is so messed up. If it wasn’t for her the school would be fun. But she makes the story more interesting.
What I did not like about this book is that it did not end like I wanted it to. I was hoping that Artie would solve his problems in a different way. I wanted Artie to get special powers before he faced his worst nightmare. It would have made the story more surprising then it was to other readers.
The characters I don’t like is the Hordes. They are the bullies of the school. They are mean and take dodgeball very seriously. They then learn their lesson at the end of the story when a big surprise heads their way. Another character I don’t like is the principal. She does nothing when the Hordes do something bad. She is also very strict and unfair to the other students.
What then rewards Artie is very mysterious and helpful in his later challenges. He finds a way to get back at the Hordes at school and humiliate them. This was my favorite part of the book.
In a sentence. . .
For Artie telling a lie may be okay at first, until trouble kicks in and you find out how it affects everyone around you.
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