Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Sequential Art

If I could only own one genre of books, I would hoard graphic novels/manga/comics/sequential art. There is something about the collaboration of art and words and placement on a page. The artwork creates a tone and voice all its own which brings depth to the story. There is also something darkly poetic about succinct, well chosen words on a page. Seriously, who would not want to own a comic book store? 

I also love sequential art books because it allows me to read an adapted book that I bypassed (usually by choice) in its strictly prose form. My latest read falls in that category. Maybe you saw the movie version of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but I just cannot get into rambling, drug-addled, or alcohol-addled memoir-ish stories so this was a perfect read. I can still say that I got the gist of the book without having to read or watch the movie. The movie, especially, is a bit of a "cult classic" or on its way to being such, so at least I can say, yep, I read it.

Long story short, I read it. It was a boozed out, drug infested, violent ride through Las Vegas. Did I understand how that was a journey to the heart of the American dream? Maybe I don't know what the American dream is. Still, the art work did a great job of setting the tone. It's not really for my audience, but I still read cult classic. I was waiting for a cameo of Chili Palmer. Wrong time period, I know, but there was something very Tarantino-ish about the melding of artwork and words.

This book comes out on October 1 by Top Shelf Productions. Early e-book read provided by Net Galley (dot) com and the publishers.

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