Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bird & Squirrel on Ice

Author:  James Burks
Publisher: Scholastic

The Short: Friends Bird and Squirrel crash land in the South Pole after a blizzard and find themselves at a penguin village. Sakari, the chief's daughter believes that Bird is the chosen one who will save the village from the hungry killer whale that lives in their bay. Bird loves the idea of being the hero, but Squirrel finds out that the chief wants to feed Bird to the whale so Squirrel and Sakari need to try and save him, but time is running out!

And So: Although Bird and Squirrel are written for children and tweens, even as an adult these characters are FUNNY and charming. I love the strong female character of Sakari that we continue to see so much of in fiction and movies today, but Squirrel is a pretty brave blue squirrel too, and he genuinely cares for Bird and will continue to be the voice of reason. I am also impressed that there is added tension in the climax scene. I found myself reading faster at the end because it was getting so tense. That's just shows that children's literature has always been the role model for adult fiction.

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