Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Poop Happened by Sarah Albee

Title: Poop Happened: A History of the World from the Bottom Up
Author: Sarah Albee
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers (May 2010)
Paperback: 176 pages
Genre: non-fiction
Rating:  5 out of 5
 This self-proclaimed "number one book on number two" is a hilarious, informational romp into the history of excrement, civilization's "roll" in it, the ways we dealt with it and all things associated with  poop including hygiene, occupations, fashion, and stench.

Stephanie Harvey, author of Strategies that Work: Teaching Comprehension to Enhance Understanding talks about research that males overall prefer reading more non-fiction than fiction, and  with this book, I found that the guys did gravitate toward this one and actually stick with it and start reading.

I think what's going for this book is the shock value of the title, but what keeps them reading is the large-text information snippets, graphics and unusual sidebars like "icky occupations" and "hygiene heroes." The information is mostly geared around the history of poop in Europe, and London in particular, but it's a very interesting sociological journey, and since we all do it, why not learn about it?

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