Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Break for Hula

There are times when books save us,
a time when the world between the pages
is the only safe place,
a place to hide,
a place to be found,
a place to dream and hope
exalt, mourn, love.
But there are also times when the world asks us
to participate, share,
exist in this place at this time,
to store experiences like acorns
fuel to write
breath to be.

My little town of Hilo is just buzzing with activity. There are many "wish you were here" moments in Hawaii, but in Hawaii's city by the bay, Hilo, the Merrie Monarch hula festival is the week where we invite the world to the most prestigious hula competition - the grand dame of hula competitions. Living on the Big Island of Hawaii, we are known for our active volcano, the gold coast of Kona dotted with exclusive resorts and world-class golf courses, and the black sand beaches of Puna. But on the week after Easter, the rainy port town of Hilo is a standing room only concert of ancient and modern hula. Now is not the time to read. Now is the time to be.
 I'm taking a break to enjoy the dances, the Hawaiian crafts, the foods, the scent of the flowers. Until then, here's some old photos from our newspaper archive: The Hawaii Tribune-Herald. Enjoy and wish you were here. If you're interested in more, please go to their site for extended coverage this week.

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