Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 39 Clues Book #6: In Too Deep

In Too Deep by Jude Watson continues the clue-finding adventures of the Cahill orphans - Amy and Dan. This is the second book penned by Jude Watson, the only female author in the series. The others are Rick Riordan (book 1 and the one with the outline of the series), Gordon Korman (book 2, my least favorite), Peter Lerangis (book 3 in Japan and the upcoming book 7), Patrick Carman (book 5 in Russia), and Watson (4 in Egypt and 6 in Australia and Java).

My review:
I think the fact that one of the characters dies pulled me through this book, but I enjoy the books that stay in one place (like 5) so that the authors can spend more time on the history and geography of the place. I think this one promised many things, like exposing a clue from Amelia Earhart or Darwin, but never really delivered on that. The fact that Amelia really didn't play a very big part in the clue just makes the cover more irritating for me. Oh well, it took up two days of my time, so no big deal. I will wait until February for #7.


Carsten G. Nielsen said...

Sad, about your review. Hope I like it better.

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Anonymous said...



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