Thursday, October 29, 2015

Graphic Novel Thursdays: Tabatha

Author: Neil Gibson, Caspar Wijngaard (contributor)
Publishers: TPub
Publication Date: November 3, 2015

In short: Luke works as a mailman in Los Angeles and moonlights as a thief - the empty houses on his postal route are rich, easy pickings for him and his friends. Everything goes as planned until one house turns out to not quite be so empty. The situation spirals out of control, leaving the happy-go-lucky thieves battling for their lives. And all because of Tabatha.

My thoughts: I really thought that I liked the cover until I saw the cover art by Leonardo Gonzalez. This cover captures the LA scene with the movie reels, but I don't think it does enough for Tabatha or for the dark intrigue that makes up most of the book. I still need to know, did she really move or not? What is with the moving eyes?

This is a teen and up graphic, and not meant for tweens (mostly because of the swearing, but some sexual content). If you are a reader that doesn't bother with introductions and bonus content (maybe it's just me that doesn't read those things), make it a point to read the bonus content for this book. Neil Gibson gives some pretty interesting insight in the process that he and Caspar took in writing this book. Somehow, the story about their collaboration on the train ride to Margate made this graphic novel more appealing. If you want to be creeped out, this is a great read for you.

Source: advance reading of this graphic novel made possible by Net Galley(dot)com and Diamond Book Distributors.


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