Friday, January 27, 2012

Manga Friday: Freedom! (Miss Annie)

Creators: Frank Le Gall (author); Flore Balthazar (illustrator); Robin Doo (colorist)
Publisher: Graphic Universe (March 2012)
Paperback: 48 pages

In short:
Miss Annie may just be a few months old, but she is big enough for adventure and old enough to go outside. Besides, freedom is just beyond the window!

My thoughts:
Miss Annie is a precocious kitty who already understands the insider secrets of her family, like Sarah goes up to her room to "study," but really talks to her best friend Keshia about boys. Miss Annie feels like she's old enough and big enough to go outside, but her family doesn't let her, so when she finally sees an open window upstairs, she slips out and is mentored by neighborhood cats Zeno and Miss Rostropovna. In the end, the two cats teach Miss Annie a little bit about the outside, but in return, she is able to teach them about loyalty, friendship and acceptance.

Cute story, clean illustrations, nice morals. Look for it in stores in March.

Source: ARC courtesy of Net Galley(dot)com for an honest review.


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