Monday, June 13, 2016


From the Publishers:
It's like the apocalypse came, only instead of nuclear bombs and zombies, Mike gets school participation, gay thoughts, and mother-effin' cheerleaders.
Junior year is about to start. Here's what Mike Tate knows:
His friends are awesome and their crappy garage band is a great excuse to drink cheap beer. Rook Wallace is the devil. The Lemonheads rock. And his girlfriend Lisa is the coolest. Then Lisa breaks up with him, which makes Mike only a little sad, because they'll stay friends and he never knew what to do with her boobs anyway. But when Mike finds out why Lisa dumped him, it blows his mind. And worse—he gets elected to homecoming court.
With a standout voice, a hilariously honest view on sex and sexuality, and enough f-bombs to make your mom blush, this debut YA novel is a fresh, modern take on the coming-out story.

My Thoughts:
Sometimes I don't read the description before I read the book. After all, the title is whatever, so I just dove right in and was just as confused as the main character Mike. He wasn't sure he was gay and it starts with a friend/girlfriend Lisa so when he finds out that he was drunk making out with a guy, I was just as confused. It seems that everyone else but Mike had their gadar beeping away on him.  What I want to know is how can someone in their junior year in high school be so clueless about their sexual orientation? Perhaps he was not clueless, just not willing to look closely at himself. That happens all the time. 

This book is angst funny. Everyone is both wise ass and sweet and no one has it together. A great read for 8th graders and up. 

Access to this book was provided by Net Galley and the publisher. Publication date: August 2, 2016.

Patrick Griffin's Last Breakfast on Earth

From the Publishers:
When Patrick Griffin passes out after a chemistry experiment gone bad, he wakes up in a strange parallel world, where everyone has huge eyes and tiny ears, and is addicted to smartphones called "binkies." Patrick thinks it's all a weird dream, but he's about to wake up to an adventure beyond his wildest imagination.
Meanwhile, a huge rabbit-like creature named Mr. BunBun is roaming through Patrick's hometown, leaving a trail of chaos behind it. Its mission? To save Earth from imminent doom.
See what happens when the fate of three worlds lies in the hands of one boy and one gigantic bunny in this first book of a hilarious and mind-bending new adventure series.

My Thoughts:

This is a great summer read and is going to be a popular book for middle level readers. It has oddball situations, it has a typical middle child awkward boy left home alone and then alternative world teens who play by different social rules, big rabbits, rebellion, chaos, and Big Brother government types. Parents are as clueless and vague (what's new) and kids are the ones who really see what is going on. It reminds me of the humor in a classic Piers Anthony fantasy or a Narnia world.

Truth be told, I did not get to finish this book before my access was cancelled, but that just means I need to finish it when it comes out in August (Publication date: August 2, 2016).

An early copy made available from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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